Tina Ahoubim, PsyD

Tina has a doctorate in psychology and organization development, and she has spent the last 15 years enabling organizations and individuals to achieve their full potential. She blends her extensive experience in education with psychology and common sense to enable leaders of small and mid-sized businesses to extend their potential beyond the limits they set for themselves. Tina provides her clients with the tools required to grow both personally and professionally taking a “whole-person” approach to management training, coaching, and organization development.

Tina has a diverse background that includes consulting for business corporations, as well as consulting for educational institutions. She has worked as a school administrator, HR manager, and advanced placement instructor for k-12 school, where she was able to use her skills and expertise to improve the overall function of the school. This work has ranged from coaching administration, training and development of all staff, curriculum planning, and performance assessments.

Tina has many years of experience leading, coaching, training and developing, strategic planning, educating and executing the process and continuous improvement of all staff, and the entire organization. She takes pride in creating and maintaining an inclusive environment, while managing organizational change and development to reach the clients business goals.


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