Cultural Evolution

Our cultural evolution process can help you assess your current culture as well as design, adjust, and evolve your culture into the work environment that you and your folks most desire.

Four Layers of Culture


Culture makes a difference. Period.

If you don’t create a healthy culture on purpose, you may get an unhealthy one by default. Creating a strong and productive culture or evolving your culture into a healthy place can be challenging.

At Phillips Associates, we have been working cultural evolution for over 20 years. Helping to start up entrepreneurial companies, evolving outdated values and practices in growing and maturing organizations and synthesizing rolled up and merged units into a healthy, vibrant, and united environment has been one of our long time pleasures.



Focus on results and allow nothing to stand in the way.


move fast

Start executing your strategy by taking action right now.



Create systems that inspire your people to be accountable.

Find out how good you and your team can really be.

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