Organization Design

Getting your organizational structure right can be tricky. When organizations grow over time or inherit several different structures, restructuring can be necessary.

The Phillips Associates Difference

Whether it’s organizing in functions, matrix’s, teams, networks, shared services centralizing or decentralizing, working to find and implement the right structure can be a challenge.

Phillips Associates can help. We work hard side by side with you to understand your organizations needs and best operating framework. We talk with you about the strengths and weaknesses of each structure option, help you decide what will be best, and then work with you to seamlessly implement the adjustments. The outcome is an aligned and efficient organizational structure that produces streamlined results.

Organizations are complex adaptive systems. Overtime, they can reshape themselves through incremental or strategic growth as well as through targeted or environmental contraction (and often at the same time!). At PA, we take a wholistic approach to organization design and redesign. We realize that many times throughout the life of an organization significant structural changes may need to occur. Through an educated and disciplined approach, PA can help you effectively reshape your organization while taking into account your culture, systems and people. We are masterful at laying out the different organizing approaches and helping you make the tough choices to best excel at your current and future demands.


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