Strategic Planning

We turbo charge your planning process by bringing focus to the highest leverage behaviors. This helps your senior team improve your organization’s bottom line, faster.

The “Turbo Charged” Solution

Rather than relying on complicated and inflexible traditional strategic planning models, we offer a “Turbo Charged” solution to strategic planning. We combine expert on-site facilitation to help your executives quickly develop a strategic plan that focuses organizational resources on high leverage activities that will improve your organization’s bottom line.

Phillips Associates helps decision makers see the big picture so they can develop a strategy that will move the company forward quickly. We facilitate the planning process to ensure all good ideas get heard, and all executives agree on the future direction. Our turbo charged model then helps to effectively identify key strategic initiatives and associated critical success measures. Further, it brings focus to the highest leverage behaviors, by identifying specific action items, measures and accountabilities.



Focus on results and allow nothing to stand in the way.


move fast

Start executing your strategy by taking action right now.



Create systems that inspire your people to be accountable.

Find out how good you and your team can really be.

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