Off-Sites for Senior Leadership

More than any other process developed at Phillips Associates, we have been renowned leaders at taking senior teams off-site and creating tremendous value-added sessions.

Senior Team Off-Sites

Having run successful off sites for over 25 years and combining that with extensive verified research, we’ve learned that your senior team is a complex adaptive system driven by patterns of behavior. We help your team modify those behaviors, allowing them to perform at their true potential. The results are immediate, accountable and guaranteed. And they are exclusively delivered by our trained professionals.

 To ensure highly successful off-sites, Phillips Associates follows a well proven strategy:

  • Identify initial off-site outcomes and objectives
  • Interview key participants to build rapport and collect data
  • Analyze the data, create a powerful feedback report and present the report to the team leader
  • Work with the team leader to revise the outcomes and objectives if need be, and create a customized agenda to ensure off-site success
  • Design and develop the details of the off-site (agenda, logistics, etc.)
  • Create participant materials
  • Coordinate off-site logistics as needed
  • Facilitate the retreat
  • Follow-up as desired



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