Executive Coaching

We create strategies for unleashing an executive’s real potential.

Business executives wear many hats today.

In addition to running the business, they must provide the vision and leadership for strategic organizational development. With the complexity of the global business environment and the unprecedented rate of change, superior leadership skills are crucial in achieving and sustaining competitive advantage.

Today, more than ever, executives are turning to an outside coach to help them through a style or behavioral issue for an accountability partner, to discuss new ideas, and in general, to get an outsider’s perspective. Understanding that every executive has a distinctive style, our executive coaching programs are designed to maximize and leverage that style.

These programs include:

Executive Coaching

  • CEO / President
  • Senior Executives

This type of coaching often takes the form of a long term relationship with the senior executive. The coach’s role is to offer a direct, informal and confidential sounding board for the executive on business and people related issues. Topics often include dealing with the board, strategic direction, senior staff issues, organizational structure, acquiring capital, selling the firm, executive exits, culture development, advanced leadership development, life balance / fulfillment, etc.


Developmental/Next Step Coaching

Usually, when high-potential executives try to move forward quickly, they have blind spots that can sabotage their opportunities. In a one-on-one setting, a Phillips Associates coach clarifies the exact behaviors to be developed, then works with the executive in an accelerated learning format to make significant shifts that get results.

Often what gets executives to the position they are in can act as a barrier to their next promotion. Next step coaching helps COO’s move into the president role and presidents to move into the CEO role. This coaching includes deeper coaching sessions and an in depth exploration of the skills, beliefs and behaviors that are needed at the next level.


High Potential Coaching

High potentials ensure the future of organizations. Careful and skillful broadening of their knowledge, skills and experience can accelerate their maturity and growth. High potential coaching builds depth and breadth to your most valuable folks. This personalized one-on-one work often supports a larger high potential leadership development program.


Presentations Coaching

Whether delivering “a state of the business” presentation to the organization’s shareholders or holding an employee briefing on company strategy, the ability to express ideas clearly and powerfully is critical to an executive’s success. We work individually with executives to help them develop their presentation style and to develop and deliver effective messages.


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