Lisa Schenk, PhD

Lisa Schenk has over 20 years experience helping companies and individuals develop strategies and cultures for success, build high performing teams, and develop world-class communication.  Five years at McKinsey & Company provided Lisa with the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries to improve performance as part of major strategic initiatives.  And her experience as the head of HR for a professional services firm has given her insight and perspective on building strong organizations.

Lisa has supported clients around the world through strategic planning and major change efforts.  With particular expertise in improving interpersonal dynamics, she brings a strong humanistic approach to her work along with a bias toward bottom line impact.

Lisa has built a thriving practice coaching executives seeking enhanced ability to succeed through others, increased impact on company goals, and greater satisfaction and engagement with their own work. Her workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to incorporate 360 degree and live feedback as well self assessments and self refection to paint a complete picture of both current and desired states.

A comprehensive approach to building teams has made Lisa a sought after coach and facilitator.  She has supported hundreds of teams as they ramped up to high performance. Her approach to team building involves kicking off for accelerated performance, evaluating and enhancing team alignment against goals, and building the interpersonal skills that enable teams to succeed.

With four degrees in communication, Lisa remains fascinated by the complexity of human interaction in organizational systems and offers communication skill-building programs that enable people to succeed within these systems.  Her training programs are designed to work in the context of larger organizational objectives and cover topics ranging from more complex coaching and leadership capabilities to very tactical presentation skills, professional presence, and logical structuring techniques. Lisa’s training programs are developed in partnership with her clients, built around clear objectives, and designed to have bottom line impact.

Some of Lisa’s clients include:  MGM, McKinsey & Company, NCB Universal, United Airlines, the Gap and Banana Republic, Amgen, Putnam Investments, Union Bank, San Diego Gas & Electric, Disney, USC, The Shoah Foundation, and City of Hope.

An award-winning teacher, Lisa has been faculty at the USC Marshall School of Business and the Annenberg School of Communication.

Lisa received her PhD in Communication from USC’s Annenberg School.


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