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Senior Teams

Executives & Individuals

Governmental Aerospace Corporation

Board Level, Team Building, Value / Results

We started with Steve a number of years ago when we had a fairly tumultuous senior team. Steve helped us go at the right speed to get the fastest results possible. Since the beginning and after working with Steve for several years, our senior team is better than ever. We can now get on target yearly plans and accountabilities from everyone and our results as a group are now better than ever.

Chief Human Resource Officer

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Our Point of View

ASICSAthletic Apparel

Steve's Uniqueness, Strategic Planning, Team Building

We were in the beginning stages of a major global restructuring and we needed our CEO and two top teams to come together and lay out some clear and concise goals. We knew we wanted an outside consultant to help us, and after interviewing several we selected Steve. Steve was able to grasp important aspects of our business quickly, even though not having worked in our industry. His ability to make our incredibly complex task very simple and provide concrete, actionable next steps allowed us to really envision how the project could get completed in a short amount of time  In just two meetings we had a solid plan that allowed us to move forward.

Kim Bhesania Head of Strategic Planning

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