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Senior Teams

Executives & Individuals

Pacific HealthWorks, LLCPractice Management Organization

Strategic Planning

When Steve came in we were only getting about 60% of the way toward our annual plan results, but after working the Phillips Associates process we are now well on our way to not only hitting plan this year, but also every year now that we have a dedicated process with clean accountabilities.

Jamey Edwards CEO

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Our Point of View

RPM Mortgage, Inc.Mortgage Brokerage Operation

Facilitation / Off-sites

Steve’s great at working on the fly. He’s never at a loss for what comes next, regardless of the issues that come up. And, he’s fast. He doesn’t let any issue or person slow the group down for long. Steve is great at cutting right to the core of concerns, making people feel heard, and moving on. And everyone will be fine with it; there won’t be any hurt feelings because with Steve there are no egos involved. That’s not something that can happen when a CEO is running the meeting.

Brett Dillenberg Managing Partner

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