Programs and resources that deliver uncommon results:

Senior Teams

Executives & Individuals

Municipal Utility Company

Communication, Steve's Uniqueness, Value / Results

We have used Steve many times to come in and speak (train) a number of our internal groups. Steve is fantastic at understanding his audience and offering them deep content while allowing them to feel choice around the material. This builds internal commitment in our people and the training and knowledge lasts.

Director of Training Development

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Our Point of View

CW DriverConstruction Management Company

Board Level, Facilitation / Off-sites, Team Building

Using Phillips Associates to run our most important meetings has made a huge difference to our spirit and productivity. PA has helped us run our shareholders meeting, our executive committee meetings and all 4 of our strategic planning sessions this year. Since PA has been with us, our meetings have gotten better and better and cost us less and less!

Dana Roberts CEO

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