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Senior Teams

Executives & Individuals

CenterCalRetail Development and Leasing Company

Consulting, Executive Coaching

Our company had grown at lightning speed and I felt as though I needed a coach who could help me reshape my organization for its current demands. Steve came in and immediately started to find the issues with our team, our core processes, and my behavior. Through working with Steve for a year, I have since reorganized my company to be more efficient and effective, retooled my senior team to operate together and at a very high level, and I am now looking at my leadership behaviors and vision to get those in alignment. Steve has really helped me at every step.

Jean Paul Wardy Founder

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Our Point of View

Governmental Aerospace Corporation

Board Level, Team Building, Value / Results

We started with Steve a number of years ago when we had a fairly tumultuous senior team. Steve helped us go at the right speed to get the fastest results possible. Since the beginning and after working with Steve for several years, our senior team is better than ever. We can now get on target yearly plans and accountabilities from everyone and our results as a group are now better than ever.

Chief Human Resource Officer

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