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Steve was fantastic at helping us groom our COO for the President role. Once we realized that the company would have more opportunity to grow by promoting Ken to our President position we immediately looked for the best. We found Steve to be just the right mix of amazing business acumen and brilliant people expertise. We knew we had made the right decision to promote Ken when the company cheered at his announcement. Steve not only helped Ken rapidly mature and become ready for his new role, but Steve also helped him mold our senior folks into a high performance team. We feel very fortunate to have worked with Steve in many capacities over the years.

Mark Dean Founder / CEO

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Our Point of View

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Board Level, Team Building

We count on Steve and Phillips Associates for all of our most critical partner and strategic planning meetings. With Steve there, we get way more done, we don’t have to worry about our partners feelings (because Steve handles the most difficult of issues with ease and grace), and we always feel like the meetings have been hugely successful. No more sitting around wasting time, when Steve is with us, we actually conquer our toughest issues and feel great about the outcomes.

Bruce Savett General Partner

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