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Are you getting massive value from your forum? Let’s face it, you are in YPO forum because you want to learn from the very best, most successful people in your community and your time is hugely valuable. If you are not feeling like this is the most effective use of your time, then it’s time to take a hard look at your forum’s performance.

The Issues:
• People late / absent way too often
• Repetitive or insignificant issues
• Not risking / No tingle
• People show up unprepared, taking calls or emails during sessions
• No big lift after each meeting
• Running away from conflicts
• Members not committed to goals

We can help you fix these issues – easily – guaranteed! We have the solutions to help you do something about it – now. Steve Phillips has been working these exact problems and many like them for over 30 years. He will meet with your moderator, assess your issues and customize a solution specifically for your group. We are confident he can help your forum. In fact you do not pay unless your forum feels there was significant value added. It’s that simple.

Forum Fundamentals

Forum Fundamentals are a pre-essential for all members and spouses integrating into an existing forum or creating a new one. It ensures every member is familiar with the roadmap, norms, protocol and meeting structure that help Forums provide high value.

This one day instructional workshop is designed to educate participants and provide a solid foundation in forum process and protocols. The facilitator will moderate a forum meeting in the afternoon, offering attendees the chance to experience these principles firsthand.

Moderator Development Forum

Moderator Development is a one-day workshop designed specially for moderators and incoming moderators. Your forum’s health is greatly influenced by the moderator’s expertise and experience. Ideally, the moderator and assistant moderator can attend together to enhance the adoption of “Best practices”. We will focus on advanced facilitation and leadership skills. A presentation is moderated by the facilitator in the afternoon to model best practices.

Forum Supercharge

Forum SuperCharge is for forums that have been together for at least six months. It is recommended that each Forum undergo Forum SuperCharge every two years. Rejuvenate & Refocus is an experiential session for forums committed to advancing their experience and personal growth.

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