After having done this type of work successfully for a few decades you learn a thing or two or three.

We have been at the forefront of high performance teams for a long time. In fact, Steve Phillips, our founder, has deepened the industry’s understanding and continues to do so. He has a new book coming out in 2014 and more are planned.


In an effort to share what we’ve learned with you, we’ve put together a collection of books, workbooks, guides, modules and tools to help you work on, and with, your employees and teams. Take a look and if like what you see, imagine how productive working with us would be.

Establishing Team Ground Rules

This tool helps a team establish the rules by which its team members agree to play. Establishing team ground rules helps teams overcome negative behaviors and when used consistently, helps team members establish aspirational norms by which to bring their ‘A’ game. This tool, simply put, helps teams jump start to high performance.

Download Establishing Team Ground Rules (PG)

Team Assessment Inventory (TAI)

An effective tool for revealing what the team perceives as its strengths and weaknesses. The assessment examines six areas for teams: general productivity and climate, roles, goals, relationships, processes and procedures, and leadership. After scoring and interpreting the TAI, a team can plan an effective and powerful improvement strategy.

Download TAI Questionaire and Scoring

Download TAI Interpretation Guide

Team Player Characteristics

A self assessment tool for showing the strengths and weaknesses of individual team members. After scoring and interpreting the TPI, team members can identify and understand their own and others’ behavior on the team.

Download Team Player Characteristics