It’s good to hear from them about how our work has helped them be more successful.


ASICSAthletic Apparel

Steve's Uniqueness, Strategic Planning, Team Building

We were in the beginning stages of a major global restructuring and we needed our CEO and two top teams to come together and lay out some clear and concise goals. We knew we wanted an outside consultant to help us, and after interviewing several we selected Steve. Steve was able to grasp important aspects of our business quickly, even though not having worked in our industry. His ability to make our incredibly complex task very simple and provide concrete, actionable next steps allowed us to really envision how the project could get completed in a short amount of time  In just two meetings we had a solid plan that allowed us to move forward.

Kim Bhesania Head of Strategic Planning

BDS MarketingStrategic Marketing Services

Executive Coaching

Steve was fantastic at helping us groom our COO for the President role. Once we realized that the company would have more opportunity to grow by promoting Ken to our President position we immediately looked for the best. We found Steve to be just the right mix of amazing business acumen and brilliant people expertise. We knew we had made the right decision to promote Ken when the company cheered at his announcement. Steve not only helped Ken rapidly mature and become ready for his new role, but Steve also helped him mold our senior folks into a high performance team. We feel very fortunate to have worked with Steve in many capacities over the years.

Mark Dean Founder / CEO

RPM Mortgage, Inc.Mortgage Brokerage Operation

Facilitation / Off-sites

Steve’s great at working on the fly. He’s never at a loss for what comes next, regardless of the issues that come up. And, he’s fast. He doesn’t let any issue or person slow the group down for long. Steve is great at cutting right to the core of concerns, making people feel heard, and moving on. And everyone will be fine with it; there won’t be any hurt feelings because with Steve there are no egos involved. That’s not something that can happen when a CEO is running the meeting.

Brett Dillenberg Managing Partner

Socialmatica, Inc.Social Networking Market Research

Steve's Uniqueness

When Steve’s running the meeting, you just know things are going to happen quickly. He’s always polite and respectful of everyone, but never accepts less than what he knows the group is capable of providing. He’s relentless that way; never willing to accept half measures from the team. He wants the team to play at its highest level.

Jim Weldon CEO

University Venture FundsUniversity Investment Company

Facilitation / Off-sites

Steve runs a phenomenal partner offsite.  Since he’s outside of the partnership he’s able to do pre-work with all the key stakeholders to suss out critical issues.  He then creates a framework and experience well suited to optimizing team performance.

Daniel Pianko Partner

Del Rey FinancialInvestment Services Firm

Value / Results

Steve’s professionalism and attention to details mean that things will get done. Period. His quarterly follow ups mean that everything will stay on track, throughout the year.

Greg Yost CEO

It’s All Greek to MeToy Manufacturing & Distribution


There’s an entirely different vibe when a facilitator like Steve is running an off-site instead of the CEO. People respond differently, probably more honestly. All the interpersonal issues between people and interdepartmental issues between groups become less personal because it’s Steve and not the CEO.

Ken Gootnick CEO / President

Disability Group Inc (DGI)Social Security Disability Advocacy

Facilitation / Off-sites, Steve's Uniqueness

It’s critical to have a facilitator like Steve run your off-sites. He’s able to say and do things and get others to do things in ways that CEO’s just can’t. Plus having Steve frees the CEO up to be part of the team and that spins things differently as well.

Ron Miller Founder / CEO

Pacific HealthWorks, LLCPractice Management Organization

Strategic Planning

When Steve came in we were only getting about 60% of the way toward our annual plan results, but after working the Phillips Associates process we are now well on our way to not only hitting plan this year, but also every year now that we have a dedicated process with clean accountabilities.

Jamey Edwards CEO

CenterCalRetail Development and Leasing Company

Consulting, Executive Coaching

Our company had grown at lightning speed and I felt as though I needed a coach who could help me reshape my organization for its current demands. Steve came in and immediately started to find the issues with our team, our core processes, and my behavior. Through working with Steve for a year, I have since reorganized my company to be more efficient and effective, retooled my senior team to operate together and at a very high level, and I am now looking at my leadership behaviors and vision to get those in alignment. Steve has really helped me at every step.

Jean Paul Wardy Founder

Emergency Medical Associates (EMA)Hospital Management and Staffing

Consulting, Steve's Uniqueness

When we first hired Phillips Associates we had been through several other consultants. All of them good and all of them expensive. Steve came in and found our central problems right away. He then acted to work the issues and we will never be the same again. Steve has a knack for finding what is at the core and then dealing with the tough issues to make a difference.

Irv Edwards Founder / CEO

Governmental Aerospace Corporation

Board Level, Team Building, Value / Results

We started with Steve a number of years ago when we had a fairly tumultuous senior team. Steve helped us go at the right speed to get the fastest results possible. Since the beginning and after working with Steve for several years, our senior team is better than ever. We can now get on target yearly plans and accountabilities from everyone and our results as a group are now better than ever.

Chief Human Resource Officer

Municipal Utility Company

Communication, Steve's Uniqueness, Value / Results

We have used Steve many times to come in and speak (train) a number of our internal groups. Steve is fantastic at understanding his audience and offering them deep content while allowing them to feel choice around the material. This builds internal commitment in our people and the training and knowledge lasts.

Director of Training Development

Media TempleCloud Hosting Company

Strategic Planning, Team Building

We brought Steve in when we needed to solidify our culture and rally our extended senior team. Steve was masterful at creating a design that really worked magic as well as a fantastic master of ceremony to run a flawless day. We are very appreciative of his efforts. High content, great results, never a boring minute…

Russ Reeder CEO

Granite Peak PartnersReal Estate Development and Syndication

Board Level, Team Building

We count on Steve and Phillips Associates for all of our most critical partner and strategic planning meetings. With Steve there, we get way more done, we don’t have to worry about our partners feelings (because Steve handles the most difficult of issues with ease and grace), and we always feel like the meetings have been hugely successful. No more sitting around wasting time, when Steve is with us, we actually conquer our toughest issues and feel great about the outcomes.

Bruce Savett General Partner

CW DriverConstruction Management Company

Board Level, Facilitation / Off-sites, Team Building

Using Phillips Associates to run our most important meetings has made a huge difference to our spirit and productivity. PA has helped us run our shareholders meeting, our executive committee meetings and all 4 of our strategic planning sessions this year. Since PA has been with us, our meetings have gotten better and better and cost us less and less!

Dana Roberts CEO