With time and experience comes judgment. And with judgment comes a point of view.

Our blog section gives us the opportunity to express a point of view on a range of related subjects. It’s a chance to go a little deeper and provides an opportunity for our clients to learn what makes us tick. We do our best to keep it fresh, so check back for new insights as often as you like.

Assuming Best Intentions

“Are you the type of person who trusts others first until they prove untrustworthy? Or, do you distrust others first, until they prove trustworthy? In all my years of working with executive teams, “Assuming Best Intentions” has been a consistent … Continued

When Realities Collide

Reality is an illusion. This is probably the most important thing I can say in this book. It doesn’t matter what perspective you come from; if you think really hard about what we know and what we do not know … Continued

Other-Centered Communication

Communication is about the meaning that is created in others. As the basis to many of the more advanced communication techniques, “other-centered communication” is a term I coined while working with big-ego executives and many self-centered people. The technique itself … Continued

Pattern Spotting

“People’s communication and behaviors are predictable once you know the pattern!” Years ago, I read an article in Scientific American about pattern spotting while bird watching. If I remember correctly, knowing what birds you should expect to see and knowing … Continued


You do not ever need to put down another to make yourself feel great; it is simply a mind game.  Demonizing is an interesting phenomenon that has been around since the beginning of time. Years ago, when I started to … Continued

The Strategic Planning Meeting

 Turbo Charge Your Approach. Strategic planning is by its nature, time consuming and hard!  Assessing the environment and the company and then positioning and aligning resources takes tons of effort. So much effort that many Fortune 500 companies just don’t … Continued

Flipping the Switch

Sometimes it just takes one moment for everything to change…forever…  Taking people to the next level is very different from flipping the switch. Although both acts are in service to others, taking people to level four when they are at … Continued

Taking People to the Next Level

Grace comes in when your need to be right is less important than the other’s need to progress. Like a parent guiding her child, a coach training his player, or a master mentoring her student, it is not unusual for … Continued

Four Components of Effective Communication

I am 100% responsible for every communication event I am in. Miscommunication is often the culprit in poor relationships. Usually, people don’t intend to miscommunicate, they just have poor communication skills. And you really can’t blame the folks. Most of … Continued

The Impostor Syndrome

“The more we learn, the more we realize how much we do not know.” The impostor syndrome is when, at times, you feel like an impostor in your own skin. Specifically, people often feel this way at work, especially when … Continued